P1070538Saturday, we had a gathering in Belgium with people who suffer from Ataxia. Els talked about the use of medicinal weed. She, and a few other from the group, use CBD oil. She looked better than ever, so it seems to work 🙂


bunkerringBart, someone else from the group, is a real gadgetfreak (according to his girlfriend) his favorite shop is e-bay. He has a ring attached to his mobile phone where he can put his finger in, to prevent him from falling down. The ring comes with a sticker for easy attachement and can be removed (with force) and pasted somewhere else.


kussencushion2Thijs is using a cushion  to hold his knees and legs in position while he is using his handbike.

He has a velcro to ensure everything stays in the right place.


My muscles (and spasmes) keep my legs straight. To prevent this, I have a special footrest.

plank1 plank2

the edge in the front  keep my feet in and the ‘wings’ on the side prevent my feet from turning.