And so it started.

The Ataxiatrip has started… unexpected!

Danielle and I went on a trip to Lanzarote, to train for the (hand)bike and to run away from the cold weather in Belgium.

After one week I was contacted via Facebook by Rob. A Belgian guy who has ataxia. He was coming to Lanzarote with his girlfriend and two other friends. We live about a one hour drive away from each other in Belgium and we have to meet here :).

We planned to have dinner together.  Danielle and I picked a nice place by the sea and as we all were in wheelchairs, we looked for a place with an accessible toilet. Via google earth we made a screenshot with an arrow.

ataxia trip - playa blanca

They arrived with two cars (handcontroled), which they had reserved in advance (nice job!!).

Rob had a Stricker handbike attached because it is difficult to maneuver with a regular wheelchair (same problem here).

He uses a smartphone with a pen.

At home, he does charity work (three times a week) He teaches computer lessons and works for a taxi-service for disabled people. He says helping other people makes him feel good.

Sports are not his thing. He has no spasmes and sleeps 10 hours without waking up! He likes to travel and enjoys life.

It was a short but fun encounter, we will pick it back up again in Belgium.

ataxiatrip - 1