Last week, Nils (my personal assistant) and I decided to visit a few Belgian people with FA. We took my car and loaded up the (electric) handbike.

I met Thijs ten years ago during a check up in the hospital. He is 32 now. FA was diagnosed when he was 15.
He spends most of his time at home (home sweet home, he says), where he loves to watch series and listen to music. He works in his old school as a volunteer webdesigner.

Sometimes he falls during a transfer. He demonstrated one, and that looked dangerous indeed 🙂

He has a standing table that he uses every day.

His shower and toilet are tiny.

He uses slippers in the shower to protect his feet.

Riding his handbike, he puts something soft between the legs to keep them in position. His feet are fixated.

His handbike is electric too. The best money ever spent!, he quotes.

We went to a bar. Thijs had a difficult time to keep up with the conversation due to all the noise in the background.

He never drinks alcohol or coffee.
He lives with his mam, she is the best. And a good cook too!
His wheelchair has a pre-formed back and a cushion that helps your back stay in a good position. (I used and loved it.)

We slept in the livingroom and left after dinner to visit Guy.

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